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Vardenafil is an active ingredient of Levitra which has a very strong action. Just due to Vardenafil a main effect of Levitra occurs and it is based on the relaxation of the penis muscles and increase of the blood flow to penis of man. Filling with the blood penis is increased and becomes in erect position. Vardenafil is safe and well tolerated by person and therefore using Levitra there is no side effects. The action of Levitra lasts 5 hours. Use of Levitra Levitra is taken orally, 1 tablet about 15 minutes before sexual intercourse. The recommended dose of the drug is 10 mg. But before taking Levitra it is better to consult the doctor and find out all directions for use of the drug. The doctor may adjust the dose depending on the severity of the disease and effectiveness of the use of Levitra 10 mg.


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Levitra is a part of the most effective medical products for treatment of erectile dysfunction. This medicine is quite new but due to modern formula and strong properties Levitra is one of the most reliable and effective drugs now. Levitra is approved by FDA and now thousands of prescriptions of this drug are prescribed every year. However there is a Generic form of the brand – Generic Levitra.

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